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Our Vision

We transform the service sector by ensuring that decisions are not made solely based on experience or intuition. Instead, we advocate for the use of in-depth data analysis to guarantee optimal efficiency and service quality.

Journey from Data Collection to Business Optimization

We have insights into your competitors' pricing setup and booking schedule for the next 12 months.


Data Collection

We collect data daily basis from various online sources (Booking.com, Airbnb.com, Google Maps...)


Data Analysis

We analyze various metrics such as pricing, occupancy rates, and revenue for individual properties


Business Optimization

Based on our data analysis, we advise our clients on how to optimize their operations and increase revenue


Dynamic Pricing - Example

Competitor Benchmarking

Targeted competitors outprice us from May to July in 2024.

Targeted competitors have notably increased their prices in May and June year-over-year, while showing minimal increases for August.

Rentability Estimation

Adria Analytics Team calculates both:

  • Annual Earnings Insights - monitoring both pricing and occupancy rates for each private listing

  • Real Estate Metrics - capturing cost per square meter for land and properties

Even if properties in Trešnjevka – jug make the most money from short-term rent (avg 7711€/year), the ratio of earning potential vs property price is the best in Črnomerec.


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